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So, you are not from sunny California?  That is ok, we've got you covered.  You can qualify for Obamacare in all 50 states!

Informational Brochures:

- Covered CA Preview - Region 18 Orange County[36 pg.]
(Case study examples, rates, etc.)

- Covered CA individual & family tri-fold brochure [2 pg.]

- Health plans booklet: Insurance carriers, regions, etc.[22 pg.]

- Changes coming to health care in 2014[2 pg.]

- Getting yourself and your family covered[3 pg.]

Applications & Forms (Individual and Family):
Income eligibility chart[1 pg]

Covered California individual & family application[36 pg.]

Appeals Form[1 pg]

Small Business Applications & Forms:
- Covered CA SHOP tri-fold brochure (small business) [2 pg]

- Covered California SHOP Employer application[7 pg]  
  (EMPLOYER - Small Business Health Options Program)

- Covered California SHOP Employee application[5 pg]   
  (EMPLOYEE - Small Business Health Options Program)


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CoveredCA Exchange Plan Designs:

- Summary of benefits of medal plan options

  obamacareOC.com CoveredCA


- New healthcare terms glossary

obamacareOC.com Covered California

Income Eligibility Table:

- Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides protection for many Californians to make sure what they pay for health coverage is not more than a set percentage of your family income.  This Income Eligibility Chart shows how it may apply to you.

Summary of Benefits:

- This link will take you to the CoveredCA.com website and provide a summary of Health Insurance Beneftis.

Available Health Insurance Carriers:

- See which Insurance Carriers in California are offered in your area.



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