designate MARC HARRIS AND he will apply for you (no cost):

  • STEP 1: Log in to your CoveredCA account.
        If you are "
    New to Covered California?":

  • STEP 2: After 5 steps in account set up are
    complete, click: "Find Help Near You" in top right.

  • STEP 3:  Click:
  • STEP 4: On the right side column, in the
    Business Name" area, type "NOCOBRA
          and click Search.

  • STEP 5: Click on "Marc Harris"
  • STEP 6: In the top right of the Agent
        Selection section, click: 

Meet Marc Harris:
Your Local Certified Insurance Agent
I have been helping clients since 1998 and was one of the first agents to get certified through the Exchange.  I received my BS in Business Administration, Finance from San Diego State (SDSU).  I am the CEO of, Inc which launched in 2000 and I recently started - I can recommend the best coverage to you and will find the lowest deductible w/ best price based on your unique situation.  I have been enrolling clients for weeks and have mastered the process!  Average time to enroll is 15 minutes.  There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO DESIGNATE ME (Marc Harris /, Inc.) as your Certified Agent, I will enroll you ASAP.  Please read my note at the bottom of this page to help complete the process.

So, you are not from sunny California?  That is ok, we've got you covered.  You can qualify for Obamacare in all 50 states!

apply today!:

Marc L. Harris

Certified Insurance Agent
CA Ins. Lic. # 0C45052

A note from marc, your local certified insurance agent

The DEADLINE IS 12/15/14 for a 1/1/15 effective date! (1/15 for a 2/1 Eff). Even if you already completed the application, please designate us…there’s no additional charge!

HOW TO DESIGNATE AN AGENT with 15+ years Experience – NO Extra Cost!
We will help you apply, but first complete the following:
1) Go to and Set up an account if you haven't already done so.  Here are the
2) Re-login, and once you see the welcome screen, click the "Find Help Near You" link at the top right
hand corner of your screen.
3) In the middle Agents section, Click “FIND AGENTS
4) On the right side in the "
Business Name" area type: NOCOBRA and click Search
5) Click "Marc Harris"
6) Click the “CONTINUE” button on the top right
7) Check the 3 check boxes and sign your name
8) Call Marc (949) 713-7222...if you get voicemail, please leave a message. (Callbacks in order received)

WE WILL COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FOR YOU!  I have been enrolling clients for a few weeks now
and have mastered the application.  It takes me 15 minutes to enroll you and complete your application.
Once you designate me, I'll complete it for you. 
Please call me on (949) 713-7222 once you have
designated me.
  At this point, I am only accepting phone calls from those that have completed the
  If you get voicemail, please leave a message and I will contact you in the order received.
Why Designate me?:
- Avoid the madness of busy signals or 50+ minute hold times to Covered CA
- I will find you the lowest deductible possible at the best breakpoint
- I guarantee the LOWEST PREMIUM
- You have my direct line if you have questions
- If you need an update regarding your eligibility - I can do that
- Do you have documents you need to submit?  I can help with that
- Want to get the lowest premium?  I'll offer my assistance
- Don't know if you qualify?  I'll let you know.
- You'll get the "Lifeline." The direct number to our office
- Not sure of which plan to select?  I'll help give you guidance.
- Schedule an ANNUAL REVIEW a minimum of 1x/yr
- Get quotes ON and OFF the exchange

* Open Enrollment Starts 11/1/17 *

We are your local
Certified Insurance Agent for:



CA Ins. License # 0C45052


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